Chronik: Simbach am Inn

Right-wing slogans spray-painted at refugee shelter

In Simbach am Inn, in the night from 31.08.22 to 01.09.22 between 11pm and 3:30 am, several slogans were sprayed to a refugee accommodation on Bahnhofsplatz by an unknown perpetrator. In addition to racist and extreme right-wing slogans, several swastikas were placed there and on another building in Adolf-Kolping-Straße. The Kripo Passau has taken up the investigation because of the use of signs of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations as well as damage to property and is looking for witnesses. IIn Simbach am Inn, there are frequent threats and attacks on refugee accommodation.

Source: Polizeimeldung

Anti-muslim attack with a bottle

On 25.06.2022, a muslim woman, her husband and his friend were attacked in Simbach. They were on the Inn Bridge when a van approached the group. The door was opened and a man beat the woman with a bottle. When the perpetrators fled, they also insulted those affected by showing their middle fingers. The police are looking for the perpetrators and are investigating for dangerous bodily injury and insult.

source: online

Simbach’s mayor feels threatened by graffiti

In the night to 09.04.22, the house of the second mayor of Simbach am Inn in the district of Rottal-Inn was smeared several times by unknown perpetrators. he mayor clearly interprets the smears as a right-wing threat, because he has been openly positioning himself against right-wing radicalism for years. He speaks of an “unprecedented quality“. Already a few months ago, he had been indirectly threatened with death in relevant chat groups, after he had previously called the public to be vaccinated against Corona.

Quelle: BR24 + BR Mediathek

Attempted arson attack on a refugee shelter

On 10/16/2021, there was an attempted arson attack on a refugee shelter in Simbach am Inn. A paper container was completely burned down, the building suffered property damage of several thousand euros. Investigators also found traces of fire on two emergency exit doors. No one was injured in the fire. A suspect was arrested.

As of Dec. 22, 2021, the attorney general’s office has taken over the investigation. It is being investigated for attempted murder and assumes a “xenophobic” motive for the crime. We consider this act to be racially motivated and can be contacted if people from the shelter would like to seek advice and support from us.

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