Illustration einer Beratungssituation. Rechts eine Person, die von rechter Gewalt betroffen ist, links daneben eine angehörige Person. Gegenüber sitzt eine Berater:in von B.U.D.

We are an independent point of contact for victims of right-wing, racist & anti-Semitic violence in Bavaria.

Our offer.

How we support victims of right-wing violence.

We counsel victims, their personal environment and witnesses of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence after an assault. Our counselling is free of charge, confidential and anonymous, upon request. We are an independent centre and provide our services regardless of whether you have filed a report with the police or other authorities. Our counsellors can visit you anywhere in Bavaria, meaning you get to determine where the conversation takes place; we can also provide language mediators if necessary. We take our cue from your needs – you determine the support you need.


We counsel victims, their friends and families as well as witnesses of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence after an assault.


We support victims and their families practically and politically depending on their individual needs.


We provide information on right-wing violence and document according incidents in Bavaria.

Illustration für die drei Bereiche in Form von Sprechblasen, die sich überschneiden. Eine Sprechblase ist orange (Beratung), eine rosa (Unterstützung) und eine blau (Dokumentation).

Secure and anonymous.

We provide immediate aid.

There for you during the pandemic.

Besides in-person counselling at a location of your choice (observing hygiene rules), we also offer online counselling – secure, encrypted, and anonymous, upon request.

Report an incident

Have you been assaulted? Do you know someone who has been assaulted or have you witnessed an assault? If so, you can report the incident here.

Illustration für Dokumentation rechter Gewalt in Bayern. Megafon mit Statistiken, Notizen und Stift.

About us and our network.

Find out more.

About us.

Find out what B.U.D. Bayern stands for and what our goals are.

Our network.

We are part of a network of regional and national counselling centres.

Information material.

Flyers, manuals, publications and links to further information.

What is right-wing violence?

Right-wing violence is more than physical assaults by organised neo-Nazis; it manifests in many different ways.

Gegen uns [“Against Us”] web-documentary

A few months ago, the Association of Counseling Centers for Victims of Right-Wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence in Germany (VBRG) began producing a series of documentaries in cooperation with counselling centres and victims.

What to do in the event of a right-wing assault.

Right-wing assaults are usually completely unexpected. We have provided some recommendations on what you can do during and after an assault.

Eine Illustration von zwei Sprechblasen, die sich überlappen. Eine davon ist orange, die andere grau. Sie stehen für die Beratung Betroffener von rechter Gewalt in Bayern.

Up-to-date and informative.

News and media.

Here you can find the latest news, press releases and updates from our counselling centre as well as from the umbrella organisation for counselling centres, VBRG.