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Our online counselling services.

Besides providing in-person counselling at a location of your choice, we also offer online counselling services. These allow you to contact our counsellors quickly and easily via email or live chat.

Illustration: Zwei Sprechblasen in orange und grau, die sich überschneiden. Die Illustration steht für Beratung nach einem rechten Angriff.

Once you register on our counselling portal, all communications between you and a member of our counselling team will be encrypted. This person will be your regular contact and it is possible to switch to counselling by phone, video or in person at a location of your choice for further conversations at any time. We also offer online counselling services in English

and can provide language mediators if necessary.

services available at any address throughout Bavaria, even in times of corona

secure thanks to encryption; anonymous and free of charge

all inquiries are handled swiftly within 2 business days

services available in German and English

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Illustration über die Bereiche der Beratung nach einem rechten Angriff: Drei Sprechblasen überschneiden sich. Eine orangene Sprechblase steht für den Bereich Beratung. Eine rosa Sprechblase steht für den Bereich Unterstützung. Eine blaue Sprechblase steht für den Bereich Dokumentation.

Our offer.

How we support victims of right-wing violence.


We counsel victims, their friends and families as well as witnesses of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence after an assault.


We support victims and their families practically and politically depending on their individual needs.


We provide information on right-wing violence and document according incidents in Bavaria.