How you can support us.

The B.U.D. counselling centre is administered by non-profit association B.U.D. e.V. In the long term, we aim to independently finance the centre through the association; however, this requires tremendous support from society. Our sponsoring association B.U.D. e.V. depends on donations and funding.

Supporting memberships

Regular contributions provide planning security, which in turn helps us professionalise and expand our offer.

If you want to support us with a membership you can fill out and send the following form.

Application for supporting membership at B.U.D. e.V.:

You can also download the admission form and send it filled out to or as a letter to B.U.D. Bayern, Postfach 440153, 90206 Nürnberg.

Download Supporting memberships

Fast and unbureaucratic.

Victim relief funds.

Often, victims experience financial hardship as a result of the attack and its aftermath. Relief funds are an unbureaucratic way to provide immediate financial aid. For more information, please visit the website of our umbrella organisation, VBRG.


Many thanks for your support!