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Report an incident.

You can report any incidents that you have experienced or witnessed yourself. Your report helps us make the extent of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence in Bavaria visible; you do not have to use our counselling services and will remain anonymous.

Illustration zum Thema rechte Gewalt melden: zwei Handy halten ein Handy, auf dem ein gelbes Dreieck mit einem schwarzen Ausrufezeichen abgebildet ist. Im Hintergrund ist ein Megafon zu sehen, das auf einer grauen Sprechblase abgebildet ist. Daneben ist ein Kuchendiagramm abgebildet.

Why should I report an incident?

Every day, people in Germany are threatened and assaulted for racist, anti-Semitic and other right-wing motives.

Often times, victims are not heard by society and the authorities; in many cases of right-wing violence, victims do not make the offence public or conceal the right-wing motives behind the offence. As a result, everyday violence becomes invisible. As a counselling centre, we aim to make right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence in Bavaria visible. To do so, we need your help: with every report, you contribute to bringing right-wing violence to light by reducing the number of unreported incidents.


What happens after you have reported an incident?

If you have provided your contact details, a B.U.D. employee will be in touch to ask questions about your report and support you if necessary. If you agree, the incident will be published in the chronicle on our homepage; we will take every measure to ensure that you remain anonymous.


What about data privacy?

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Secure and anonymous.

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    Our offer.

    How we support victims of right-wing violence.


    We counsel victims, their friends and families as well as witnesses of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence after an assault.


    We support victims and their families practically and politically depending on their individual needs.


    We provide information on right-wing violence and document according incidents in Bavaria.