Chronik: Bayreuth

Racist attack against member of the Bayreuth city council

On 08.07.22 the Bayreuth city councillor Halil Taşdelen was first racially insulted by a 35-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman in front of his house and then seriously injured. The police are investigating for insult and bodily injury. Taşdelen himself is shocked by the attack: “What hurts is the soul, is the heart, where you say: Hey, what’s going on, when do you arrive, when is it your home?”

Source: BR

Threats and insults of the “GRÜNE” Youth

As (19.9.21) wrote, in the night from Friday to Saturday in Bayreuth campaigning activists of the “GRÜNE” Youth were attacked by suspected right-wing violent criminals.

First, at 9:30 p.m. in Von-Römer-Strasse, a group of young adults verbally attacked the campaigners and threatened them with “death and rape fantasies.”” Later that night, the GJ activists were attacked again. An unknown man kicked over a beer table “under wild insults” and threatened to burn a “GRÜNE” Youth flag they had brought with them.

The day before, the car tires of the “GRÜNE” direct candidate Susanne Bauer had also been punctured during a party event in the city center. “We have reported all incidents to the police and condemn the aggressors in the strongest possible terms. At this point, however, we would also like to expressly thank fellow citizens who showed solidarity with us during and after the incidents,” commented Johanna Schmidtmann, spokesperson for the GRÜNE Youth Bayreuth.

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