Chronik: Burgau

Racist attack at the village festival

At the beginning of August 2022, a man racially insulted two men at a village festival in Unterknöringen (Burgau) and injured one of them in the head. According to the police, the now 32-year-old committed a punch and a throw with a beer mug. At the perpetrator’s home, the police find a brass knuckle duster and cartridges. There was a court date in August 2023. The defendant was sentenced to 150 daily fines of 50 euros each.

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine

Prevented arson in shelter for refugees

On 19 of august 2023, a fire broke out in a shelter for refugees in the early hours of the morning. Shortly before 3 a.m., the Danube-Iller Integrated Control Center received notification of a triggered fire alarm system in a building in Mühlstraße. A resident of the property had been woken up by a smoke detector and thus became aware of a fire at the main entrance of the building. Here he discovered a burning stroller parked next to the front door. The stroller was immediately taken out of the building by the resident. By the time the fire brigade arrived, the stroller had already been extinguished by the resident. No people were injured in the fire, the property damage amounts to around 150 euros, and there was no damage to the building. Since the cause of the fire has not yet been clarified, witnesses are asked to report information to the Burgau police station. There have already been a number of arsons in Burgau in recent weeks. As a counselling centre for victims of right-wing violence, we perceive the selection of accommodation for refugees as the target of another arson attack and place this attempt in the currently increasingly observable nationwide right-wing mobilisation against refugees and their accommodation.

Quelle: Augsburger Allgemeine