Chronik: Deggendorf

Song of far-right band in pub

“I had been a regular guest at a bar in Deggendorf since the early summer of 2017. At the time of my first visit (and unbroken until my last one in July and August of the present year), the musical repertoire of the latter included the song “Wonderful Years” by the right-wing extremist band “Sleipnir”.
The fact that it is a piece of this group has only been known to me for a few days. It was only through a tip from another person that I became aware of the political background of the play.
So my concern is not about an act of violence in the strict sense. Nevertheless, I would like to bring the situation to your attention in this way, because in my opinion it represents a risk of radicalization (insofar as contact with songs by right-wing extremist music groups, which at first glance seem apolitical, can easily become the starting point for a deeper entry into the scene) and not least for this reason deserves public attention.”

Source: witness

Demonstrations­beobachter wird bedroht

Nach einer Corona Demonstration, an der zahlreiche Neonazis teilnahmen, wird ein Demonstrationsbeobachter vom Jüdischen Forum für Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus in einem Telegramkanal bedroht und beschimpft. Persönlichen Daten werden ebenfalls veröffentlicht.

Quelle: Sat 1