Chronik: Gachenbach

Lettering of the extrem right

At the end of January 2023, unknown persons left extreme right-wing lettering, as well as the logo of an extreme right-wing small party with green spray paint on public objects The district of Peutenhausen has moved into the focus of the extreme right, after the mayor of Gachenbach, Alfred Lengler (CDU), announced in January that he wanted to shut down the refugee accommodation in Peutenhausen and that his willingness to help had come to an end. The trigger for this were several burglaries and an attack by refugees. This had caused nationwide media interest, but should not serve as a legitimation for the stirring up of hatred and agitation against refugees.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Another racist threat scenarios in front of refugee accommodation

On the morning of 9th of february 2023, six masked people gathered in front of a refugee shelter in the district of Peutenhausen for a racist demonstration. They ignited smoke signals and rolled out a banner about 15 meters long. They blocked the traffic and filmed everything. Before the arrival of the police, the persons fled. As part of the police search, a white Sprinter with three people could be stopped at a rest area near Dasing. In the vehicle, further smoke signals and a digital camera were secured. The arrested persons probably came from German-speaking countries for their racist action The background to this is also the media coverage of the announcement of the mayor of Gachenbach to shut down the refugee accommodation.

Quelle: Augsburger Allgemeine