An 18-year-old was waiting at a bus shelter on Hauptstraße in the Rieden district of Ichenhausen on November 7. While he was waiting there, a car stopped. A male person unknown to him got out of the vehicle and approached him. The unknown person grabbed the 18-year-old by the collar and pushed him to the ground. In addition, the 18-year-old has been addressed by this man with the following words: “go away from here” and “get out!”

After the unknown had removed itself again, the damaged one went in the direction of Halderstrasse. There again a vehicle had stopped beside him. Presumably it was the same passenger car as before at the bus shelter. This time however according to the person concerned another male person got out. This went to the damaged one and hit on this with the fists, so the police. In addition, the perpetrator had addressed the injured party, who, however, could not understand the statements. The incident was reported to the police. For the police a racist motive “is not excluded”, since the damaged person one “recognizably a foreign fellow citizen”. The police are looking for witnesses to the crime.

Quelle: Allgäu rechtsaußen