On 28.03.2023, AfD member of the Bavarian state parliament Ralf Stadler posts a video on his social media channels that he recorded on a train ride from Munich to Passau. You can see how Stadler racially insults two people of color, accuses them of holding up the train and finally pushes one of the people off the train. The context of the situation is unclear. The video is being disseminated online by the extreme right and Stadler is being celebrated. This results to calls for vigilante justice and announcements of violence against refugees, PoC and migrants in the comment columns. The term “racism” hardly appears in the media. Instead, a lot of space is given to Stadler’s statement, whereby he gains interpretive sovereignty over the racist attack with his self-portrayal of “civil courage against two train disruptors” and stages himself unchallenged.

Source: BR