In Pfarrkirchen in the district of Rottal-Inn, the lettering of the youth center was changed by unknown persons so that “Judenzentrum” could then be read. One letter was stolen, the others rearranged. One letter was stolen, the others rearranged.

Meanwhile, young people from Pfarrkirchen responded with a creative action, which can now also be seen on Instagram. They designed posters for the JUZ windows on the ground floor. These read, among other things: YES, we are a Jewish center! Because we are also a: Christian Center, Buddhist Center, Rap Center, Sports Center, Ball Center, Muslim Center, Cultural Center, Fun Center, Hippie Center, Punk Center.” Also mentioned: Human Center, Peace Center, Anti-Nazi Center. In the video combined with the clear message: “Anti-Semitism and racism have no place here!” The director of the youth center emphasizes: “So they want to show that the JUZ is there for everyone and they do not want to leave the action with the sign uncommented”.

Quelle: BR