Chronik: Rain

Arson attack on restaurant

A 32-year-old tries to set fire to a Thai restaurant in Rain in October 2022. In court, his defense attorney emphasizes that it is not “xenophobia.” But it is clear from the statements made by the perpetrator in court that he holds racist views. In addition to the attempted arson attack on the restaurant, the perpetrator threw a beer bottle and a granite stone against the front door at a kebab snack bar in Rain and left some messages. In addition, he put further messages and a knife in the mailbox of the Rain police station, the evaluation of which put the officers on the trail of the accused.

In July 2023, the court sentenced the perpetrator to two years in prison and suspended it. He must also complete 160 hours of community service and five sessions on alcohol.

Quelle: Augsburger Allgemeine

Racist threat with chainsaw

On Monday 22nd of May 2023 a 64-year-old threatens his neighbor and his family with a running chainsaw and threatens – with violent words – to use them. In addition, he repeatedly insults the neighbor in a racist way. Fortunately, there is no physical attack. The perpetrator is arrested by the police and taken to a hospital.

Quelle: Donaukurier