Chronik: Schweinfurt

Extreme right-wing slogans and threats

On one of the nights between January 31st and February 2nd 2024, extreme right-wing slogans and a threat against a group of local anti-fascists were sprayed on the outer wall of the “Stadtbahnhof”, a cultural center in Schweinfurt. Publicly, the Stadtbahnhof clearly positions itself as anti-fascist.

Source: Affected persons

Anti-Muslim attack in Chateaudun Park

On 24.07.2023 there was an anti-Muslim attack in Chateaudun Park. According to police, a 36-year-old woman had insulted a passer-by “probably because of her headscarf in a xenophobic manner” and also physically attacked the victim. Meanwhile, the 36-year-old continued to utter racist insults and showed the “Hitler salute”.

Source: police report

Racist attack at the train station

On the morning of 24th of June 2023, a racist attack occurred at Schweinfurt Central Station. A witness first reported to the police a heavily intoxicated and helpless person. Shortly thereafter, he shared that this person was being racially insulted by two other men, slapped in the face and pelted with change. The police arrested two suspects, aged 29 and 21, who continued their racist insults. They were also heavily intoxicated and aggressive towards the police officers, which is why they were taken into custody. The victim was also taken into custody.

Source: police