Chronik: Senden

Attack on store with Israeli products

On Sunday night, unknown persons threw stones into the window of an Israeli delicatessen shop. The shopkeeper happens to be present and thinks the attack is potentially life-threatening. “Thank God I wasn’t in the same room, otherwise they would have caught me. That would have been life-threatening.”

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine

Swastika on windshield

In Senden in the district of Neu-Ulm, a swastika was painted on the windshield of a car in the night of 23 to 24.08.2022 by an unknown perpetrator with a red lipstick. It is not clear whether the graffiti is specifically directed against the owner of the car. In addition, it has not yet been possible to determine whether this is the same perpetrator who sprayed swastikas in the area of the Illersäge and the bridge in the area of the tennis facilities.

Source: Allgäu rechts außen