Chronik: Sonthofen

Attack on train attendant

On 01.09.2022, a teenager on the train was repeatedly advised by a train conductor to wear her mouth-nose protection properly. At Sonthofen station, the situation escalated after the father waiting there arrived and tried to tear the mask off the train conductor’s face, beat him and verbally threatened him. The police took a complaint for threat, attempted bodily injury and damage to property.

Quelle: Polizeimeldung

Spit on in the stairwell

On 6th of september 2022 a woman in Sonthofen spoke to her neighbor that she should wear a mask in the stairwell because of her corona disease. The infected neighbor then spat in the woman’s face and disappeared back into her apartment. The injured party filed a complaint for bodily injury.

Quelle: Polizei