Chronik: Augsburg

Threats against the Federation of Alevi Youth of Bavaria

On June 21st 2023, the Association of Alevi Youth of Bavaria received a racist and anti-Semitic letter, reported the Research and Information Center for Antisemitism Bavaria (RIAS Bayern). This was accompanied by a conspiracy theory and right-wing extremist manifesto in which the author repeatedly glorified mass murder and quoted from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” on the “Jewish question”.

Quelle: Jungle World

Anti-queer attack on CSD participants

On Saturday 18.06.22 at least two people were attacked during the Christopher Street Day in Augsburg at Königsplatz. According to the CSD Augsburg e.V., participants of the CSD were harassed by a larger group of young men. When two other participants of the demo wanted to intervene, they were massively beaten and the person lying on the ground got kicked into the head. Both victims had to be treated in the hospital. In addition, rainbow flags were stolen and torn. The police headquarters Swabia / North is now investigating for bodily injury. The CSD Augsburg called for a rally against anti-queer violence on the following Saturday.

Quelle: BR , Augsburger Allgemeine

Party office of the “LINKE” attacked

Over the weekend, an as yet unknown perpetrator damaged the front window of the office of the party “Die Linke” on Mauerberg. This resulted in a crack, which extends over the entire pane. The damage is estimated at several hundred euros.

Once again there was an attack on the office of the “Die Linke” at Mauerberg 31, which the party maintains together with the member of the Bundestag Susanne Ferschl. Last year, the Augsburg “Linke” already reported to the police twice for damage to its office.

The district chairman of the Augsburg “Linke”, Frederik Hintermayr explains: “Of course, we must assume a politically motivated assault. Assaults like this are part of the strategy of right-wing radicals to create a climate of fear and to limit our ability to act politically. The assaults are against all those who stand up for humanity and social cohesion. However, these attempts at intimidation will not succeed. We continue to fight for a cosmopolitan and tolerant society.”

Quelle: Polizei Schwaben Nord