A chronicle of right-wing violence.

Anti-muslim attack with a bottle

On 25.06.2022, a muslim woman, her husband and his friend were attacked in Simbach. They were on the Inn Bridge when a van approached the group. The door was opened and a man beat the woman with a bottle. When the perpetrators fled, they also insulted those affected by showing their middle fingers. The police are looking for the perpetrators and are investigating for dangerous bodily injury and insult.

source: online

Man shows Hitler salute in Regensburg district office

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, a 49-year-old showed the Hitler salute in the Regensburg district office and insulted a security service employee after he had asked him to turn down his mobile phone a little. The Criminal Police Inspectorate Regensburg is now investigating the man for insult and the use of license plates of unconstitutional organizations.

Source: Police

Graffiti at the office of the Green Party

In the night of Friday 08.07.2022 to Saturday the 09.07.2022, unknown persons in Lauf an der Pegnitz attached several graffiti to the building of the party BÜNDNIS 90 /Die Grünen In addition to several unspecified symbols, it is the lettering “Hitler” in black color. The responsible specialist commissariat of the Schwabach Criminal Police has taken up the investigation and asks for witness evidence.

Source: Police

Racist attack against member of the Bayreuth city council

On 08.07.22 the Bayreuth city councillor Halil Taşdelen was first racially insulted by a 35-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman in front of his house and then seriously injured. The police are investigating for insult and bodily injury. Taşdelen himself is shocked by the attack: “What hurts is the soul, is the heart, where you say: Hey, what’s going on, when do you arrive, when is it your home?”

Source: BR

Mask refuser kicks passenger in the face

On Saturday evening, 09.07.2022, a passenger points out to a woman in the bus from Neu-Ulm to Ludwigsfeld to put on her nose guard correctly. The future perpetrator shows solidarity with the woman. When the passenger wants to leave the bus, the perpetrator approaches him, leans on the handrails with both hands and suddenly kicks the passenger in the face with his foot. The passenger then fell to the ground and the unknown perpetrator was able to flee. The police are looking for witnesses to the attack.

Source: Police

Queer-hostile and racist threats on the train

On 10.07.2022, a young man drove in the S-Bahn towards Erlangen. In front of him sat a man who kept turning to him and staring at him aggressively. When the person concerned pointed out to the perpetrator to stop and sit down in another place, he insulted the young man massively queer-hostile and racist and threatened him with death. The police have been called in and have started the investigation.

Source: Nordbayern

Dispute at Nuremberg Central Station

On 22.06.22 a 30-year-old man was arrested at Nuremberg Central Station for showing a Hitler salute. He had gotten into an argument with another person. Why they clashed is still unclear. The man awaits punishment for using the signs of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations.

Source: SZ

Anti-queer attack on CSD participants

On Saturday 18.06.22 at least two people were attacked during the Christopher Street Day in Augsburg at Königsplatz. According to the CSD Augsburg e.V., participants of the CSD were harassed by a larger group of young men. When two other participants of the demo wanted to intervene, they were massively beaten and the person lying on the ground got kicked into the head. Both victims had to be treated in the hospital. In addition, rainbow flags were stolen and torn. The police headquarters Swabia / North is now investigating for bodily injury. The CSD Augsburg called for a rally against anti-queer violence on the following Saturday.

Quelle: BR , Augsburger Allgemeine

Attack during the „Coburger Convent“

After the “torchlight procession” as part of the Coburg Convent, a young woman was physically and verbally attacked by a participant on 06.06.2022. She was attacked by the man with an umbrella when she verbally intervened in an altercation she had previously observed. He pushed her to the ground, beat her and insulted her in a misanthropic and sexist manner, in the presence of other men. The person concerned filed a complaint.

When the complaint was filed, the person concerned was accused of having contributed to the escalation herself.

Quelle: Instagram, Zeitung and the affected person

Anti-LGBTIQ* attack

On 27.06.22 a young man says goodbye to his partner at Nuremberg Central Station. Afterwards, he is aggressively and anti-LGBTIQ* approached by an unknown man about the situation of farewell and pushed by the perpetrator. Passers-by observe the attack, but do not react. The person concerned comments on the incident in a tweet: “I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel like worrying anymore when I’m out in public with my boyfriend. (…) It must not be hushed up that homophobia is still a major problem. It’s just enough.”

Source: Nordbayern