Chronik: Erlangen

Queer-hostile and racist threats on the train

On 10.07.2022, a young man drove in the S-Bahn towards Erlangen. In front of him sat a man who kept turning to him and staring at him aggressively. When the person concerned pointed out to the perpetrator to stop and sit down in another place, he insulted the young man massively queer-hostile and racist and threatened him with death. The police have been called in and have started the investigation.

Source: Nordbayern

Anti-Semitic threats in the immediate vicinity

On the evening of 10.03.2022, the resident of an apartment building finds a still glowing pizza box in front of his apartment door. According to the media report, the police are investigating arson. In the days that followed, an unknown person smeared an anti-Semitic slogan on the young man’s apartment door. This incident will also be reported. As a result, the young man and his partner temporarily leave the apartment because they no longer feel safe there. On 29.03.2022, residents notice traces of fire and hot glue residues on this door. They inform the police. The police arrive, but do not meet anyone, as the persons concerned are not on site until further notice.

On 28.04.2022, the young man returns to the apartment and notices signs of burglary around the door lock. The police have already left the place, so he contacts a commissioner who was involved in the case. Evidence suggests that a neighbor could be connected to the incidents.

Source: Affected person