Over a period of two months in July and August 2022, unknown perpetrators damaged or stole exhibits of the art competition “ErinnerungsRÄUME” at least seven times. The competition with the subtitle “Places of Suffering and Crime – Commitment to Humanity” was announced by the Hersbruck Concentration Camp Documentation Centre Association and is intended to commemorate the former concentration camp in Hersbruck. 40 artists and schools took part in the art project – many of them with sculptures and objects. These were exhibited at five different locations in Hersbruck and the surrounding area. The project manager of the competition, Klaus Petersen, commented in a first statement: “We assume that the damage and destruction to the works of art is not a coincidence or mere vandalism, but a targeted action. We counter this with the great interest and support of many people in Hersbruck and the surrounding area. And we would also like to have conversations with people who are opposed to this project.” The last known stolen artwork is the work of the artist Adam Cmiel. He wanted to draw attention to the victims of fascism in the Happurg district of Schupf with different colored stones on poles in the forest.

Source: ErinnerungsRäume , www.n-land.de