Chronik: Nürnberg

racist beating and insults

On 6th of october 2022, a 17-year-old student got into an argument with three passengers in the elevator at Nuremberg Central Station. She was racially insulted by one of the women and beaten with fists. Arriving at the platform, the attacked girl threatened to call the police. As a result, she was beaten and scratched again. When the police arrived, the attackers were no longer present.


Racist and queer-hostile threatening letter

A Nuremberg hairdresser received a threatening letter on 31st of october 2022. In this letter, a woman makes anti-queer remarks towards him, racist towards his employees and also speaks of kidnapping thoughts. The hairdresser comments on the incident as follows: “I am in the SPD, have been gay for 30 years, am married, socially involved and am in public. All this makes me an object of hatred by some ideologues.” He had already received hate mail in the past, including from the AfD.


Dispute at Nuremberg Central Station

On 22.06.22 a 30-year-old man was arrested at Nuremberg Central Station for showing a Hitler salute. He had gotten into an argument with another person. Why they clashed is still unclear. The man awaits punishment for using the signs of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations.

Source: SZ

Anti-LGBTIQ* attack

On 27.06.22 a young man says goodbye to his partner at Nuremberg Central Station. Afterwards, he is aggressively and anti-LGBTIQ* approached by an unknown man about the situation of farewell and pushed by the perpetrator. Passers-by observe the attack, but do not react. The person concerned comments on the incident in a tweet: “I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel like worrying anymore when I’m out in public with my boyfriend. (…) It must not be hushed up that homophobia is still a major problem. It’s just enough.”

Source: Nordbayern

Racist insults in a supermarket parking lot

Mr. G. is shopping with his children on 17.03.2022. Meanwhile, his wife is waiting in the parking lot and is massively racially insulted by a passer-by out of nowhere. She does not want to file a complaint, based on previous experience with the police. She thinks that nothing will change as a result.

Due to the incident, Mrs. G. is psychologically heavily burdened.

Source: Affected person

Reichsbürgerin bedroht Nachbarin

Eine Reichsbürgerin bedroht eine Nachbarin nach einem Streit mit einem Messer und einem Pfefferspray. Sie verschanzt sich in der Wohnung und gibt gegenüber der anrückenden Polizei an, im Besitz von Waffen zu sein.

Quelle: Nordbayern