Chronik: Nürnberg

Attack on Israeli restaurant

On the night before the pro-Palestine demonstration on 29.10.2023, unknown persons smeared the anti-Semitic lettering “child murderer” and a Star of David measuring about 1.5 x 1.2 meters on the façade of the Israeli restaurant “Tel Aviv-Jaffa” in Spohrstraße in the west of Nuremberg.

Source: Nordbayern

Racist insults in road traffic

A witness observes a man driving in a car along Obere Seitenstrasse in Nuremberg on 13.09.2023. In the narrow street, a couple in a car takes the right of way. The driver, who was deprived of the right of way, suddenly shouts racist, inhuman things and drives very close to the other car with the 2 occupants. Another witness reports that the aggressive driver has already attracted his attention several times through racist statements and his behavior in the neighborhood.

Source: Witness

“NSU – Reichsbürger” threaten Nuremberg Mayor König and his family

On 20.7.23, Nuremberg’s Mayor Marcus König publishes a hate letter that has reached him in this way. He posted a photo on social networks showing a short letter. The content of the letter makes clear threats against him and his family. The specific wording can be found in the linked newspaper article. This message of hatred is signed with “Greeting NSU-REICHSBÜRGER Nürnbergs”.

Source: Nordbayern

Racist insults and threats

On February 18th 2023, a woman stood on the street with her child and partner by the car to load things. A local resident walked slowly past them and stared at them with hostility. The victim asked if there was anything. As a result, the man became aggressive and approached her. The victim’s partner blocked his way and he insulted the victim and her partner. This was followed by another verbal altercation, which culminated in the man picking up an approx. 25x25cm paving stone, taking it out and threatening (through body language) to hit the partner of the victim on the head with it. He stopped and remained with the stone over the head of the partner of the person concerned. In this situation, an acquaintance came by with her dog, saw the scene and interfered. The man then dropped the stone back to the ground. The altercation continued, the man ran after the family, continued his racist insults. The child was in the immediate vicinity all the time. In the meantime, the victim had informed the police. When she gave her name, the resident ran directly to the doorbell sign to make sure how the name of the person concerned was spelled. Those affected reported the man, who was already known to the police, for insult, and a criminal complaint for threats will follow.

Source: Affected persons

Hitler salute and racist statements

On 11.02.2023 at 10:30 pm, an unknown woman entered a gas station in Nuremberg Schweinau. She approached the gas station employee, showed the Hitler salute several times and made racist statements. . While the employee called the police, the woman left.

Quelle: Polizei

Rampage and racist slogans

On the evening of 31st of january 2023, a man repeatedly showed the Hitler salute in a fast food restaurant in the north of Nuremberg Around 7:15 p.m., the 40-year-old man entered the restaurant on Friedrich-Ebert-Platz and began to insult the guests and employees with foul and racist slogans. In addition, the 40-year-old repeatedly showed the Hitler salute and shouted “Sieg Heil”. After employees of the snack bar expelled the man from the shop, he hit the window, so that he was finally pushed by another guest in the direction of the nearby subway station.

Source: Nordbayern

Hitler salute and aggression in the discotheque

Employees of a discotheque in the Nuremberg district of Hasenbuck became aware of a guest around midnight, who loudly shouted “Heil Hitler”, showed the Hitler salute and racially insulted guests and security personnel. The employees then informed the police, who provisionally arrested the aggressive suspect on site. The 40-year-old man now is being hold accountable of using signs of unconstitutional organizations

Source: police

racist beating and insults

On 6th of october 2022, a 17-year-old student got into an argument with three passengers in the elevator at Nuremberg Central Station. She was racially insulted by one of the women and beaten with fists. Arriving at the platform, the attacked girl threatened to call the police. As a result, she was beaten and scratched again. When the police arrived, the attackers were no longer present.


Racist and queer-hostile threatening letter

A Nuremberg hairdresser received a threatening letter on 31st of october 2022. In this letter, a woman makes anti-queer remarks towards him, racist towards his employees and also speaks of kidnapping thoughts. The hairdresser comments on the incident as follows: “I am in the SPD, have been gay for 30 years, am married, socially involved and am in public. All this makes me an object of hatred by some ideologues.” He had already received hate mail in the past, including from the AfD.


Dispute at Nuremberg Central Station

On 22.06.22 a 30-year-old man was arrested at Nuremberg Central Station for showing a Hitler salute. He had gotten into an argument with another person. Why they clashed is still unclear. The man awaits punishment for using the signs of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations.

Source: SZ