Chronik: Würzburg

Anti-LGBTIQ* attack

On Sunday evening, 23rd of July 2023, a 15-year-old met three teenagers at Barbarossaplatz who were previously unknown to him. They spoke to him about his appearance and insulted him in a queer-hostile manner. In the further course, an attacker pulled a pocket knife and injured the 15-year-old in the neck. After the attack, the three attackers fled in the direction of Würzburg’s city center. The 15-year-old had to be treated in hospital.

Source: Nordbayern

Place of remembrance „DenkOrt Deportationen“ damaged

In the period from 22 May to 24 May, the „DenkOrt Deportationen” at the station square in Würzburg was damaged. The “Denkort Deportationen” is a memorial to the Jewish men, women and children from Lower Franconia who were deported to the extermination camps between 1941 and 1944. The memorial consists of several pieces of luggage made of stone, wood and concrete, which are supposed to symbolize the fate of the victims. One of these pieces of luggage was a bronze teddy bear, which was forcibly severed from the memorial and stolen. The police are looking for witnesses to the crime.

Just over a year ago, there were also anti-Semitic incidents at Würzburg’s Bahnhofsplatz. In 2022, B.U.D. reported on a counseling case in which an actress at Würzburg’s Mainfrankentheater was anti-Semitic insulted by passers-by during a performance at the train station. On several evenings, the theatre staged a play about Anne Frank. It was only after public pressure from press coverage that a security service was hired to protect the actress.

Source: police report

Unknown person threatens to blow up test centers

On 10.02.22 an unknown person threatened to blow up all test centers in Würzburg in e-mails addressed to several media and the city of Würzburg. The police then initiated security and control measures, an explosion did not occur. The anonymous sender is searched for.

Source: Nordbayern