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“singing” of extreme right-wing slogans

In recent weeks, there have been several incidents in which right-wing slogans were sung to the song “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino. The slogans were spread on 8th of february 2024 by the „rural youth Hohenfurch“ at the carnival parade in Landsberg am Lech and on 24th of february 2024 by an unknown group of people in a restaurant in Höchstadt a. d. Aisch.

Back in January 2024, there were similar scenes in a discotheque following the AfD party congress in Greding. In particular, the AfD members of the state parliament Benjamin Nolte and Franz Schmid were involved. Schmid has been elected as the new state chairman of the Young Alternative (JA) Bavaria, the extreme right-wing youth organization of the AfD.





Threatening postcards against Die Linke politicians

Several Bavarian state parliament candidates of the party “Die Linke” have received self-made postcards, which are to be understood as a threat. It contained cryptic messages that could be attributed to the extreme right, as well as allusions to high-profile deaths and assassinations. Those affected clearly see these postcards as intimidation, which is “intended to silence female candidates in particular”. The threatening letters have appeared not only in Bavaria, but also in other federal states among state parliament candidates before the elections. Often the threatening letters were sent to the office address, but sometimes also to the private addresses. Several of those affected describe that they did not feel taken seriously by the police and their sometimes complete lack of investigative work.

Quellen: Facebook , Betroffene, TAZ

Attacks and racist hostility in the neighborhood

The family has been living in their house in the immediate vicinity of an openly racist woman for four years. This woman insults Mrs. and Mr. A. massively racist, even in the presence of the small children. Every walk out of the house, into their own garden or across the street is associated with potential verbal attacks by the neighbor. The family suffers greatly from this and no longer feels safe in their home. In addition, the negligent behavior of the neighbor leads to the overturning of a tree on the property of the family. . As a result, family members could have been injured.

The family has now filed a complaint.

Source: Affected person