A chronicle of right-wing violence.

Anti-Semitism with Hitler salute

On the evening of 28th of November 2023, an witness reported via police emergency call that a man had publicly shown the Hitler salute in front of the Erlangen University Library and had made loud anti-Jewish comments in this context. Police officers from the Erlangen-Stadt police department were able to identify the described person in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene and arrest him for the time being.

Source: police

Attack on store with Israeli products

On Sunday night, unknown persons threw stones into the window of an Israeli delicatessen shop. The shopkeeper happens to be present and thinks the attack is potentially life-threatening. “Thank God I wasn’t in the same room, otherwise they would have caught me. That would have been life-threatening.”

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine

Attack on Israeli restaurant

On the night before the pro-Palestine demonstration on 29.10.2023, unknown persons smeared the anti-Semitic lettering “child murderer” and a Star of David measuring about 1.5 x 1.2 meters on the façade of the Israeli restaurant “Tel Aviv-Jaffa” in Spohrstraße in the west of Nuremberg.

Source: Nordbayern

Death threats in Erlangen

In September 2023, there was an AfD meeting in Erlangen’s “Angerwirt”, which was ended by a ban on gatherings imposed by the building cooperative owner during the meeting. Subsequently, the board of directors and the supervisory board clearly position themselves against AfD meetings in the rooms of the Erlangen building cooperative.

However, the owner subsequently receives insults and threats in his mailbox. Among other things, the threat “We have you on our list”, which we, as a counselling centre for right-wing violence, clearly regard as a clear death threat in the sense of an existing “death list” for political opponents.

Source: Nürnberger Nachrichten

Attempted murder on the Stone Bridge in Regensburg

Am Freitag, den 13. Oktober 2023, wurde ein 20-jähriger Mann von der Steinernen Brücke gestoßen. Der junge Syrer soll am Freitag, gegen 12.15 Uhr, aus dem Hinterhalt angegriffen und völlig unvermittelt von der Brücke gestoßen worden sein. Augenzeugen, die die Tat beobachteten, konnten einen 28-jährigen Mann festhalten, der von der Polizei festgenommen wurde. Bei dem Angreifer könnte es sich den Informationen der „Mitteldeutschen Zeitung“ zufolge um einen amtsbekannten Rechtsextremisten handeln. Demnach sei gegen den Mann vor etwa einem Jahr wegen Verwendens von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger und terroristischer Organisationen ermittelt worden. Der Täter hatte laut Zeugen unmittelbar nach der Tat seinen rechten Arm zum Hitlergruß gehoben.

The 20-year-old victim was seriously injured when he fell onto a bridge pillar. He has since been able to leave the hospital. The police are investigating for attempted murder.




Mittelbayerische Zeitung 1 + Mittelbayerische Zeitung 2

Racist insults in road traffic

A witness observes a man driving in a car along Obere Seitenstrasse in Nuremberg on 13.09.2023. In the narrow street, a couple in a car takes the right of way. The driver, who was deprived of the right of way, suddenly shouts racist, inhuman things and drives very close to the other car with the 2 occupants. Another witness reports that the aggressive driver has already attracted his attention several times through racist statements and his behavior in the neighborhood.

Source: Witness

Right-wing slogans and attack with curtain rod

On the evening of 26.09.2023, a gathering took place in the city center of Erlangen under the motto “Parade for peace and self-determination”. Already here, the 41-year-old attracted the attention of passers-by, as he shouted right-wing slogans, including “Heil Hitler”. Later, a 16-year-old approached the man about his statements at around 8:15 p.m., whereupon he was insulted by him in a racist manner. Subsequently, the accused pulled out a curtain rod about 40 cm long and used it to strike the teenager. He was able to swerve and was not injured. The 41-year-old also insulted other passers-by in the same way.

The police officers who were called to the scene met the suspect on the spot and arrested him. According to the police report, the officers placed him “in a specialist clinic due to his mentally conspicuous condition.” The Commissariat for State Security of the Criminal Investigation Department of Erlangen is conducting further investigations, among other things, for attempted bodily harm, insult and use of signs of unconstitutional organizations.

Source: Infranken.de

A stone’s throw top candidates of Green Party

On Sunday evening, 17th of september 2023, an election campaign event of the Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen party took place on Neu-Ulm’s Petrusplatz. On the podium were the party’s top candidates, Katharina Schulze and Ludwig Hartmann. Around 7 p.m., a 44-year-old visitor threw a stone in the direction of the podium. Fortunately, he missed both speakers. The perpetrator was provisionally arrested at the venue, where he put up considerable resistance. The 44-year-old man is charged with attempted dangerous bodily harm after the incident. He also now has to answer for violations of the Assembly Act.

Source: police

Racist attack on 3 girls

On the way home from the Rosenheim Autumn Festival, three underage girls (13, 13, 15) were racially insulted by three adults on the evening of 31.08.2023. In addition, the police report that the girls were first jostled for no reason and then beaten.

A 27-year-old from Rosenheim rushed to the girls’ aid. The police were able to arrest two 36-year-old suspects on the spot. One of the men put up considerable resistance. The 3rd suspect was already no longer on site, but could be identified as a 24-year-old Rosenheim woman. According to police, the girls suffered injuries and shock and were picked up directly by their parents.

Source: PNP