Chronik rechter Gewalt.

Death threats against school management and teachers

At a school in Gundelsheim, posters with slogans against the Corona measures duly applied by the school appeared as early as mid-January. Now, in the period from Friday (January 28) to Monday (January 31), several slips of paper were placed in the area of the gymnasium and in the entrance area of the school.

This time it had been death threats against the school management and teachers in connection with the Corona measures.

“It was recorded as a report by the police and the Commissariat for State Protection Crimes of the Bamberg Criminal Investigation Department is now investigating on suspicion of threats and threats of criminal acts,” described the spokesman for the Upper Franconia Police Headquarters.


Conspiracy followers attack journalist

On 15.01.2022 an unannounced meeting of corona deniers took place in Passau. A journalist, who wanted to observe and document the situation, was attacked by several participants of the “walk”: a group of about 20 people harassed the journalist and shouted his name to intimidate him. Perpetrator 1 kicked him in the back, perpetrator 2 poured coffee in the journalist’s face. The police are investigating for dangerous bodily harm.

Source: Social Media

“Reichsbürger” shows Hitler salute

On January 24, 2022, a 63-year-old man was informed in a butcher’s store in Ansbach that he was required to wear an FFP2 mask. He then reacted aggressively and yelled at the people present. He raised his right arm and gave the Hitler salute. When a notified police patrol arrived, he identified himself with a “Reichsbürger ID”.

The man was taken to the police station for identification and will now be charged under the Infection Protection Act, use of anti-constitutional signs and forgery of documents. The “Reichsbürger ID” was seized.

Source: Polizeimeldung

Anti-queer insults and threats by conspiracy followers

On January 17, 2022, two bloggers from Würzburg observe a so-called “Querdenker-Demonstration”. After the demo officially ends, the two set off for home – and realize that they are being followed. In front of a supermarket they meet two counter-demonstrators. There, four of them are harassed, threatened, insulted and called queer-hostile names by a group of 15 aggressive conspiracy followers.

The police publicly announced, also due to the videos in the social media, that they had already reported the incidents to the public prosecutor’s office.





“I was attacked by 15 ‘Querdenker’ “

At around 8 p.m. on Monday evening, January 24th, 2022, demonstrating pandemic deniers attacked a member of the Jusos in Rosenheim, who was watching the march and was carrying a Jusos flag.. The violent mob attacked and injured the young man and also beat bystanders who tried to help. The police are investigating aggravated assault.

Source: Twitter

Attempted arson attack on a refugee shelter

On 10/16/2021, there was an attempted arson attack on a refugee shelter in Simbach am Inn. A paper container was completely burned down, the building suffered property damage of several thousand euros. Investigators also found traces of fire on two emergency exit doors. No one was injured in the fire. A suspect was arrested.

As of Dec. 22, 2021, the attorney general’s office has taken over the investigation. It is being investigated for attempted murder and assumes a “xenophobic” motive for the crime. We consider this act to be racially motivated and can be contacted if people from the shelter would like to seek advice and support from us.

Quelle: BR

Racist assault at bus stop

An 18-year-old was waiting at a bus shelter on Hauptstraße in the Rieden district of Ichenhausen on November 7. While he was waiting there, a car stopped. A male person unknown to him got out of the vehicle and approached him. The unknown person grabbed the 18-year-old by the collar and pushed him to the ground. In addition, the 18-year-old has been addressed by this man with the following words: “go away from here” and “get out!”

After the unknown had removed itself again, the damaged one went in the direction of Halderstrasse. There again a vehicle had stopped beside him. Presumably it was the same passenger car as before at the bus shelter. This time however according to the person concerned another male person got out. This went to the damaged one and hit on this with the fists, so the police. In addition, the perpetrator had addressed the injured party, who, however, could not understand the statements. The incident was reported to the police. For the police a racist motive “is not excluded”, since the damaged person one “recognizably a foreign fellow citizen”. The police are looking for witnesses to the crime.

Quelle: Allgäu rechtsaußen

Party office of the “LINKE” attacked

Over the weekend, an as yet unknown perpetrator damaged the front window of the office of the party “Die Linke” on Mauerberg. This resulted in a crack, which extends over the entire pane. The damage is estimated at several hundred euros.

Once again there was an attack on the office of the “Die Linke” at Mauerberg 31, which the party maintains together with the member of the Bundestag Susanne Ferschl. Last year, the Augsburg “Linke” already reported to the police twice for damage to its office.

The district chairman of the Augsburg “Linke”, Frederik Hintermayr explains: “Of course, we must assume a politically motivated assault. Assaults like this are part of the strategy of right-wing radicals to create a climate of fear and to limit our ability to act politically. The assaults are against all those who stand up for humanity and social cohesion. However, these attempts at intimidation will not succeed. We continue to fight for a cosmopolitan and tolerant society.”

Quelle: Polizei Schwaben Nord

Threats and insults of the “GRÜNE” Youth

As (19.9.21) wrote, in the night from Friday to Saturday in Bayreuth campaigning activists of the “GRÜNE” Youth were attacked by suspected right-wing violent criminals.

First, at 9:30 p.m. in Von-Römer-Strasse, a group of young adults verbally attacked the campaigners and threatened them with “death and rape fantasies.”” Later that night, the GJ activists were attacked again. An unknown man kicked over a beer table “under wild insults” and threatened to burn a “GRÜNE” Youth flag they had brought with them.

The day before, the car tires of the “GRÜNE” direct candidate Susanne Bauer had also been punctured during a party event in the city center. “We have reported all incidents to the police and condemn the aggressors in the strongest possible terms. At this point, however, we would also like to expressly thank fellow citizens who showed solidarity with us during and after the incidents,” commented Johanna Schmidtmann, spokesperson for the GRÜNE Youth Bayreuth.

Quellen: Nazistopp Nürnberg, Der Neue Wiesentbote