A chronicle of right-wing violence.

Racist insults and threats

On February 18th 2023, a woman stood on the street with her child and partner by the car to load things. A local resident walked slowly past them and stared at them with hostility. The victim asked if there was anything. As a result, the man became aggressive and approached her. The victim’s partner blocked his way and he insulted the victim and her partner. This was followed by another verbal altercation, which culminated in the man picking up an approx. 25x25cm paving stone, taking it out and threatening (through body language) to hit the partner of the victim on the head with it. He stopped and remained with the stone over the head of the partner of the person concerned. In this situation, an acquaintance came by with her dog, saw the scene and interfered. The man then dropped the stone back to the ground. The altercation continued, the man ran after the family, continued his racist insults. The child was in the immediate vicinity all the time. In the meantime, the victim had informed the police. When she gave her name, the resident ran directly to the doorbell sign to make sure how the name of the person concerned was spelled. Those affected reported the man, who was already known to the police, for insult, and a criminal complaint for threats will follow.

Source: Affected persons

Attack on journalist at conspiracy ideological demonstration on occasion of Munich Security Conference

On 18th of February 2023, a diverse conspiracy ideological spectrum gathered at Königsplatz in Munich on the occasion of the Munich Security Conference. Among others, the group “München steht auf” (“Munich stands up”), which was founded at the beginning of the pandemic in protest against the Corona measures, had called for the demonstration and now unites a wide spectrum of extreme right-wing and conspiracy ideological activists – with topics ranging from anti-vaccination to Putin solidarity. Well-known AfD functionaries, so-called “Reich citizens” and members of the “Free Saxons” also appeared at the demonstration.

While documenting the demonstration, a journalist was first verbally attacked by a participant, then the perpetrator tried to snatch the camera from him. After these attacks, the journalist decided to move away from the aggressive participant. When the victim turned around and started to walk away, the perpetrator pulled him to the ground from behind and knelt on his legs for a short time. Even after the assault, there was further harassment and filming of the journalist by those around him. The victim filed a complaint for assault and attempted robbery.

Source: Affected person

Extreme right-wing mobilization at city council meeting

At the beginning of February, at a city council meeting in which the construction of a container village for a few dozen refugees was debated, extreme right-wing interference attempts were made. There were considerably more citizens present than usual. A woman tried to take photos of every city councillor who spoke out in favour of the container village. Another woman shouted as she left the meeting, “she hoped that the children of those responsible would be ‘stabbed.’” A few days before the meeting, unknown persons had hung up around 30 racist posters in the city centre.

Quelle: Nazistopp Nürnberg

Hitler salute and racist statements

On 11.02.2023 at 10:30 pm, an unknown woman entered a gas station in Nuremberg Schweinau. She approached the gas station employee, showed the Hitler salute several times and made racist statements. . While the employee called the police, the woman left.

Quelle: Polizei

Rampage and racist slogans

On the evening of 31st of january 2023, a man repeatedly showed the Hitler salute in a fast food restaurant in the north of Nuremberg Around 7:15 p.m., the 40-year-old man entered the restaurant on Friedrich-Ebert-Platz and began to insult the guests and employees with foul and racist slogans. In addition, the 40-year-old repeatedly showed the Hitler salute and shouted “Sieg Heil”. After employees of the snack bar expelled the man from the shop, he hit the window, so that he was finally pushed by another guest in the direction of the nearby subway station.

Source: Nordbayern

Right-wing Disruption of the Memorial to the Liberation of Auschwitz

The “Omas gegen rechts” organized an event on the occasion of the liberation of the Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp in Bamberg at Maxplatz on 27th of January 2023 with speeches, music and information.
About 5 people, who can be assigned to the „querdenken“ – scene, commented unasked and loudly from their small group into the speeches. Among other things, the comment was made: “Ask your government about the truth”. Signs were also carried by these people.

Quelle: Participant

Hitler salute and aggression in the discotheque

Employees of a discotheque in the Nuremberg district of Hasenbuck became aware of a guest around midnight, who loudly shouted “Heil Hitler”, showed the Hitler salute and racially insulted guests and security personnel. The employees then informed the police, who provisionally arrested the aggressive suspect on site. The 40-year-old man now is being hold accountable of using signs of unconstitutional organizations

Source: police

Extreme right-wing disruptions and assault at memorial event and Hanukkah celebrations in Erlangen

On 19.12.2022, a demonstration took place in the city center of Erlangen in memory of Shlomo Lewin, rabbi and ex-chairman of the Jewish Community Nuremberg and his partner Frida Poeschke. They were murdered on 19 December 1980 by a member of the right-wing terrorist “Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann”. The event, organized by the Initiative “Kritisches Gedenken” (Critical Remembrance), was disrupted by extreme right-wing slogans by two men aged 46 and 26. The 26-year-old repeatedly shouted “Heil-Hitler” in the direction of the participants. When he continued this at the final rally, the police expelled him.

A few minutes later, following the memorial demonstration, a public Hanukkah celebration took place on Huguenot Square. Together with the Lord Mayor and city councillors, the Jewish Community of Erlangen celebrated the Festival of Lights with the lighting of the second candle on the Hanukkah candlestick. The 46-year-old also disturbed this celebration with loud music. Then he threw a glass bottle at the group of people. It broke on the ground, which fortunately did not hurt anyone. The police arrested the man, during which he shouted insults, spat around and also shouted “Heil-Hitler”.

Source: BR24

War Flag of the “german Reich” hung up and neighbors threatened

On the evening of November 13th 2022, a 43-year-old hoisted the national socialists war flag of the “German Reich” out of his window in a residential building in the Königswiesen district. In addition, he played overloud music with the window open at night. Already during the day, the man had become conspicuous several times. His neighbours in the apartment building called the police several times, among other things, because he verbally threatened them, shouted loudly and banged on windows and doors. The flag, that is forbidden by german law, was finally secured by the police and the drunken man was placed in a specialist clinic.

Source: police