Rassist wirft mit Beleidigungen um sich und droht mit Brandstiftung

28.06.2021 | Chronik, Passau

Weitere Vorfälle

Death threats against school management and teachers

At a school in Gundelsheim, posters with slogans against the Corona measures duly applied by the school appeared as early as mid-January. Now, in the period from Friday (January 28) to Monday (January 31), several slips of paper were placed in the area of the gymnasium and in the entrance area of...

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Mask refuser hits employee in supermarket

On February 5th, 2022, a man in Hof became violent in a supermarket on Christoph-Klauß-Strasse: After he was told that he was not wearing an FFP2 mask, he is said to have hit the employee several times with an umbrella, causing injuries. The police are looking for the perpetrator and are asking...

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