Racist insults in a supermarket parking lot

31.03.2022 | Chronik, Nürnberg

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Anti-Semitism with Hitler salute

On the evening of 28th of November 2023, an witness reported via police emergency call that a man had publicly shown the Hitler salute in front of the Erlangen University Library and had made loud anti-Jewish comments in this context. Police officers from the Erlangen-Stadt police department were...

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Racially motivated attack with a knife

On 3rd of November 2023 there is an attack on 2 teenagers in Obergünzburg: The 29-year-old perpetrator racially insults the 17 and 20-year-old asylum seekers and throws a glass bottle at the younger one. He then threatens them with a knife. Source: Allgäu rechtsaußen

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